Why our doctors love Eyecare Partners

Allan Barker, O.D. eyecarecenter

"Having business partners with like cultures is extremely important in order to sustain and further succeed in today's volatile healthcare marketplace. Because EyeCare Partners embraces the model of full scope eye health care, delivered by Doctors of Optometry, it is the practice acquisitions and management company our practice wanted to connect with."

Tommy Crooks, O.D. EyeCare Associates

"Being an 'independent' anything has become very difficult. Consolidation in our profession is occurring, and I believe it is long overdue. EyeCare Partners is an innovative business model proving tremendously appealing to our colleagues. As a member of EyeCare Partners, you have the opportunity to monetize your investment in your practice, and the choice to continue working as much as you desire, for as long as you desire — unheard of in my 37 years in our profession."

James J. Wachter, O.D. Clarkson Eyecare

"A key benefit of being a member practice of EyeCare Partners is access and integration of a proprietary software developed from the input of our own doctors. This software enables optometrists, ophthalmologists, and their staffs to create a better patient experience through Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Using this intuitive and user-friendly proprietary technology, appointments, insurance verification, billing, inventory, and eye exams are all performed electronically."